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Professional Deposition Services

Looking for professional deposition officers in Corona, CA? Hastings LS can help for self-prepared subpoena, or as part of our subpoena preparation service. Hasting’s deposition officers can place requests for and provide copies of records from any facility. Distribution is available to all parties involved and backups stored according to legal requirements. Call today to find out how we can help.

Deposition officers at Hastings LS are experienced and ready assist your legal practice in the following areas:

  • Civil
  • Family
  • Bankruptcy
  • Class Action
  • Employment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Construction Defect

The California Discovery Act, a section of The California code of Civil Procedure, provides for three methods of discovery; oral testimony, written testimony secured by interrogatories and documentary evidence by production of documents or records.

As the named deposition officer, we act as official recorders during oral testimony, ensuring statements are accurately captured. We can provide Translation services if necessary as well as real-time transcription. Our wide geographical reach means we have trusted and experienced staff ready to travel to remote depositions.

Another option is for written questions to be submitted to the designated deposition officer in a closed envelope. The officer will ensure that proper legal procedure is followed in collecting responses from the party under deposition such that the testimony is admissible in court.

Experience Counts

Our officers are additionally experienced in managing proof of evidence through the production of records. Legitimate recovery, duplication, storage and circulation of the records, as required by California code, is observed. When dealing with records it is critical to know about and pursue the majority of the rules and legal guidelines. Bank records, medical records, business records and employment records, are subject to many different government regulations and infringement of any can result in serious fines. 

Furthermore, California law expresses that the deposition officer “shall not be financially interested in the action or a relative or employee of any attorney of the parties”. Hastings LS has the autonomy and professional skills that could represent the moment of truth in a case in the event that it winds up important to affirm the legitimate validness of the records.

Hastings LS is the number one choice for deposition officer services in Corona, CA. 

Call us today, we are ready to assist you on your next case.

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