Frequently Asked Questions

New Accounts

  1. When creating a new account do I have to enter a form of payment on file? Or can I write Hastings Legal Services a check for services rendered?
    – We do require payment information to be provided when placing an order. We provide a payment option on our invoices in lieu of sending in paper checks. With the advancement of the electronic submission of documents it is most efficient to utilize the electronic processing of payments. 
  2. How do I become a retainer client with a daily pick up?
    –Hastings Legal Services only provides once a day pick up or drop off service to attorney clients in metro areas of Temecula and Murrieta.  If you believe you qualify for this service please contact Hastings Legal Services to confirm.

Hastings Online

  1. How do I communicate to Hastings Legal Services that I need a special pick up?
    – If you require a special pick up, you must notify us by an email or a phone call 951-296-2669.  Writing your request in special instructions within a work order request is not sufficient.
  2. How do you handle “On-Demand” orders?
    – “On-Demand” orders are handled within 4 hours of when the assignment is submitted. For Court orders that means filed within 4 hours of submission. For Service of Process orders that means the first attempt within 4 hours of submission.


  1. How do I send an order to Hastings Legal Services?
    – First time users may choose to email your documents, mail or personally deliver them to us.  Returning customers who are collaborating may input and upload their orders and documents to the ServeManager portal for processing.

Account Settings

  1. How do I retrieve my password if I have forgotten it?
    – At the ServeManager portal login page ( there is a “Forgot Password?” function. Click on the “Forgot Password?” link and enter your user email address to retrieve your forgotten password from your email.
  2. How do I add other users to my account?
    – The My Account link, once logged in, on the homepage will allow you to add a user. This is located in the upper right-hand corner.


  1. Can I update my payment information over the phone?
    – We do not accept payment information over the phone since we do not maintain any of your credit card information.  You may choose to update your information at any time when attempting to pay an invoice or statement.
  2. How can I view my invoices in the portal?
    – You can view invoices on the invoicing tab located on the left hand side of the screen in the menu.
  3. What options do I have for methods of payment?
    – Credit or debit cards are the only form of payment that Hastings Legal Services accepts through ServeManager.  We do allow payment via cashier check or money order for those customers who wish to mail their documents to us.  
  4. What are the different convenience charges on fees advanced associated with each form of payment?
    – When any fee is advanced by Hastings Legal Services on your behalf, the fee on the advance corresponds with the form of payment your account. The associated convenience fees are as follows: Credit Card 3.5%. Open Credit 10.0%(pro se clients not eligible).
  5. Can/Should I send a check with my document retrieval order on route?
    – Hastings Legal Services does not accept personal checks.  We do allow payment via cashier check or money order for those customers who wish to mail their documents to us.  Cash is acceptable for customers who wish to visit our office in person.

What is a service of process? 

A service of process is the act of notifying a party when there is a pending lawsuit in a civil or domestic case. This service, depending on the state, can be performed by either a private process server, the sheriff’s department, or an unbiased third party. 

Who can I serve papers to in California? 

Preferably, papers should be served directly to the party involved in the lawsuit. However, in some cases papers may be left at the recipient’s workplace or home. Such people that can accept these legal documents on behalf of the party include persons authorized to accept service of process (businesses), adult family members over the age of 18 and listed legal counsel.

Can you be served by mail in California?

Yes, papers can be served by mail in certain cases or with permission from the presiding judge. The person mailing the papers must be a third party not involved in the case, is at least 18 years old, and completes a proof of service form. Also, there must be a return receipt with signature indicating the intended party received the papers.

Can you be served papers at work in California?

Yes. In some cases within California, papers can be left at the place of employment. This includes any coworker who is at least 18 years old at the time the papers were served. 

Who can serve papers in California?

Documents may be served by either the sheriff’s department, a private process server, or another third party that remains neutral to both parties. However, individuals or attorneys involved in the case cannot directly serve papers and doing so are in clear violation of the law. 

Do I need to hire a process server?

Depending on the state and jurisdiction where you live, it is almost certainly required to serve papers through a third party. While you can utilize a family member or friend not directly involved in the case, using a professional process server eliminates any conflict that may arise during the interaction. Here at Hastings Legal Services, we are trained to handle any potential altercations and protect the safety of our clients. 

Will my process server file my paperwork in the courts?

In most cases, yes. Our offices handle all paperwork filing and can be added in addition to the service of process. However, keep in almost all process servers charge an additional fee. Therefore, check with us for more details on pricing. 

What are the licensing requirements to become a process server in California?

The licensing requirements to become a process server vary by state. In California, where we are located, there are stringent rules set in place. This includes having a clean criminal history, being at least 18 years old, and a residency requirement of one year prior to application.

How do I receive proof that my papers were served?

When papers are served to the intended party or qualified recipient, you will receive a proof of service. This document verifies who was served and where they were located.  Hastings Legal Services can also provide you with an affidavit of due diligence if we are unable to affect service on the party to be served.  

What is the cost to have papers served?

This varies widely by company and location. That being said, fees usually range between $35-$250 per document served. Other factors such as mileage also influence the cost. If you are located in the Temecula or surrounding area, please contact us by phone or email and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote.

How do process servers find people?

Process servers use a wide array of technology and other resources in order to locate a particular individual or party. This includes searching databases, property records, social media accounts and by contacting relatives, friends, and employers. Process servers can also hire private investigators to carry out a more in-depth search.

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