Process Server

Process Server

For over 25 years Hastings Legal Services has been providing professional process services across the country. Our process servers are registered, bonded and certified. Hastings handles everything including restraining orders, 3/30/60 day notices, lawsuits, summons and more.

Our entire process is documented and recorded. We offer the flexibility of filing yourself or we can handle it for you.

Proper service of your documents is our number one priority. Each case has a deadline that must be met and procedures for proper execution of service. Our professional process servers make sure your service complies with all the appropriate statutes governing your case.

You must present the court with evidence that your documents were served. This prevents other parties in the case from claiming they did not know about the legal proceedings. Hastings Legal Services can file proof of service with the court on your behalf following successful process service.

Hasting Legal Services has extensive experience in serving legal documents to defendants, witnesses or other parties involved in legal proceedings. Our professional staff makes sure that all state laws and the code of civil procedure are complied with and documented.

Professional Process Server

Most court documents contain sensitive and sometimes confidential information. Our staff is trained to keep all of your information private and only share details as required by law or during the course of service. We have strictly adhere to all procedures and make sure your paperwork is served in a timely and professional manner. By hiring a professional process server to deliver your court documents you can rest assured that it is done correctly.

Experienced Process Servers

Experience plays a key roll in serving documents. Not every defendant or party wishes to be served. Our process servers have developed strategies to track down and serve difficult to find parties.

Our Staff Can:

  1. Track down hard-to-find individuals. 
  2. Save money by avoiding common pitfalls.
  3. Ensure that legal documents are served in a timely manner.

Need A Professional Process Server? 

We offer the Hastings Difference by including:

1. Regular Status Updates.  

2. No-hassle rates using our four-tiered fee system. Our special Dedicated Server rate option allows for immediate action should you need multiple documents served on the same day or need a stakeout performed. 

3. Convenient online-system of booking where you can place your order & pay online without driving to our location.

Hastings has been the number one choice for process services for over 25 years. Professional process serving, fast services and prompt reporting make us obvious choice for all of your document service needs. We do it right the first time!

Areas We Serve

We provide Legal Support Services throughout the United States. Call us to find out more.

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