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Hastings LS has been proudly providing fast, reliable and trustworthy process serving for over 25 years. We have rendered service all across Temecula, CA, as well as from one side of the United States to the other. Our process servers are dedicated, knowledgeable, and hard working. You can count on our staff to deliver your documents diligently, no matter the destination. All of our staff are registered, bonded and certified by CalsPRO to ensure the utmost professionalism.

We deliver all the necessary legal papers to the parties involved in a lawsuit. Your subpoenas, formal complaints and summons are all safe and secure in our custody. We inform the defendant of the notice of a pending lawsuit against them and ensure that proper legal procedure is followed at all times. We can also provide proof of delivery so the other party cannot claim to have never seen your documents.

What is the service of process? Service of process is the notice of initial legal action by one party to another (such as a defendant) to enable that person to respond to the proceeding before the court. It is a critical first step in most lawsuits and must be carried out and recorded correctly. Process serving may seem simple, but it is a complex and critical component of such cases.

At Hastings, our top priority is to ensure the proper service of your documents according to the appropriate codes, statutes or laws of your state, including California. We know how critical it is that such documents be delivered legally and in a timely manner. We ensure that all your documents are delivered speedily, safely and securely, so you can move forward with your case surely. 

Evidence that the documents were served correctly is required to prevent the defendant from using “I was not served” defense claims. This legal tactic can be effective where the service of process did not follow legal procedure precisely, such as with less experienced law firms and services. It is therefore vital that you work with a professional, well-practiced process server in Temecula, California to prevent this problem from popping up. Our highly-skilled servers are the solution to your document delivery dilemmas. Contact us today to get your process serving needs taken care of the right way, all the way. 

Temecula’s Trusted Process Server

As Temecula’s trusted provider of legal support & attorney services, we can carry out a number of legal document tasks. If you need help handling court filings, serving legal documents, or handling document retrieval, our team is here to help. One of our main functions is to deliver legal documents to a defendant or persons involved in a particular court case. The documents will be served correctly, as required by state, county and federal regulations. We proudly provide verification (or an affidavit of service) upon request so you can rest easy knowing your documents needs have been taken care of. 

Our No Hassle Service Rates

Service 1st Attempt Fee
Regular Within 72 Hours $84.95
Rush Within 24 Hours $104.95
Urgent Same Day $124.95
Special Within 4 hours $144.95

Legal documents are of a confidential and important nature. They are a treasure trove of personal information. In the wrong hands, unscrupulous individuals could use your documents for illegal gains, such as identity theft.

With that in mind, it is best to have a registered process server, one with plenty of experience and has been extensively vetted, that you can trust to carry out this important task to ensure it is completed correctly. We are experts in Riverside County’s codes, ensuring that due diligence is performed to the letter of the law based on each serving’s location, circumstance, and individual court regulations. 

There are complex rules and regulations to process serving. One small mistake can make or break your court case. Hiring one of our positive and professional process servers will help ease your mind that things are being done carefully and correctly. Trust our team to take on your legal document delivery needs today. 

Experienced Process Servers in Temecula

Our professional process servers use their extensive experience as a strategy to complete those harder serves, where assessing an individual’s behavior may be necessary in order to get in touch with the person being served. Hundreds of hours handling such matters means that we know all the best methods to take care of your needs hassle-free. 

Our Seasoned Staff Can:

  1. Track down hard-to-find people. We believe no one should be able to hide from justice. We utilize stakeouts and skip tracing to search high and low for your legal foes. 
  2. Save time and money by avoiding common pitfalls. We avoid amateur mistakes that could cost you your case. 
  3. Ensure that legal documents are served in a very timely manner. We understand that time is of the essence when legal matters are at stake. 

If you are looking to find a process server in Temecula, CA, then look no further. Hastings is here to help. Come by today to hire some of the best process server veterans in the field. 

Experience the Hastings Difference

1. Regular status updates. Don’t get left in the dark by less diligent delivery services. We will keep you up to date every step of the way. 

2. No-hassle rates using our four-tiered fee system. Our special Dedicated Server rate option allows for immediate action should you need multiple documents served on the same day or need a stakeout performed. Don’t wait for justice, get our team on the case immediately. 

3. Convenient online system of booking where you can place your order & pay online without driving to our location. Your time is valuable when every second counts in court. Don’t waste time in traffic when you should be focused on winning your legal fight. 

These characteristics are what makes Hastings Legal Services the number one choice of process server in Temecula, California. They allow for all our clients to seamlessly get their process service into the field, allowing for fast, timely, and reliable results. We can take care of your needs even outside of Temecula, whether that means across town or across the country. Call us now to get your documents served the right way, wherever and whenever you need the job done! 

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