Subpoena Preparation Services In Corona

Professional Subpoena Preparation Services

Hastings LS supplies fast and reliable subpoena preparation services in Corona, CA. Call us to prepare your next subpoena, unburdening your firm from this tedious task. Our expert staff will prepare, issue and serve all sorts of subpoena; for production of records, or personal appearance.

Subpoena services include:

  • Deposition Subpoena for the Production of Business Records
  • Notice to Consumer or Employee
  • Proof of Service
  • Notice of Taking Deposition
  • Notice of Trial
  • Declaration of the Custodian of Records
  • Custodian Request Letters
  • Letter to Custodian: Failure to Comply

Hastings LS will expedite the preparation of state or federal subpoenas for medical and business records and serve the subpoenas to any or all parties with our certified and registered process servers. 

Contact the Hastings LS to discover how our subpoena preparation services in Corona, CA can save you time and money.

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