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Professional Deposition Services

Most legal cases at some point will require a deposition. Hastings Legal Services has expert deposition officers located in Hemet, CA. Our officers will not only take down testimony but also collect and store all records provided during depositions and making sure all points are covered as required by law. Call today to find out more.

Deposition officers at Hastings LS are experienced and ready assist your legal practice in the following areas:

  • Civil
  • Family
  • Bankruptcy
  • Class Action
  • Employment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Construction Defect

The CA Code of Civil Procedure states that discovery can be one obtained in one of three ways; interrogatories and documents, written testimony and oral testimony. This is part of what is known as the California Discovery Act.

A deposition officer accurately records oral testimony as part of their duties. In addition our officers can provide translation and real time transcription. We also provide support with written deposition and ensure proper protocol and document handling. By following strict procedures we make sure everything we collect and document is admissible in court. 

Experience Counts

Production of records is a common task we handle on a daily basis. We manage all proof of evidence as required by law. There are many regulations that must be complied with in document handling. These are dictated by California Code and the Code Of Civil Procedures. By not following these rules not only do you jeopardize the admission of evidence, but you can also be subject to monetary fines.

The deposition officer must not have any relation to the case, including being an employee or relative to any of the parties involved. Make sure you comply with all California laws and utilize the professional deposition officers at Hastings Legal Services.

Hastings Legal Services is your best option for deposition officer services in Hemet, CA. 

Call us today, we are ready to assist you on your next case.

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