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Use our expert deposition officers in Murrieta, CA either for your self-arranged subpoena, or as a part of our subpoena planning administrations. Deposition officers from Hastings LS are available to request and duplicate records from any office – distributing duplicates to all parties, and archiving backups as required by law. Call Hastings LS today learn more.

We have deposition officers experienced and prepared to help in many practice fields:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Family
  • Class action
  • Construction defect
  • Intellectual property
  • Employment
  • Civil

In the California code of Civil Procedure, explicitly the section referred to as the California Discovery Act, three techniques for disclosure are permitted; oral declaration, written declaration verified by interrogatories and documentary proof by generation of records or documents.

For oral declaration, as the named deposition officer, we are regarded as the official recorders precisely recording the statements made during testimony. Interpretation services are provided when needed and real-time transcription is also available. With a wide geographic reach, our accomplished staff are available to make a trip to take remote statements at your preferred location.

Written inquiries might also be submitted to the assigned deposition officer in a sealed envelope. The officer will at that point guarantee legitimate process is followed for the responses of the person under deposition to be admissible in court.

Experience Counts

Our officers are also experienced in managing evidence through the production of reports and documents. Correct recovery, duplication, storage and dissemination of the documents, as required by California code, is required at all times. When dealing with records it is essential to know about and observe the various rules and regulations. Bank, business and employment records, as well as medical records, are largely subject to different government regulations and infringement of any can result in huge fines.

Also, California law clearly expresses that the deposition officer “shall not be financially interested in the action or a relative or employee of any attorney of the parties”. Hastings LS provides the autonomy and professionalism that could represent the moment of truth in a case on the off chance that it winds up important to affirm the legitimate validity of the documents. 

Trust the experts at Hastings LS to be your choice for deposition officer in Murrieta, CA. 

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