Record Retrieval In Rancho Cucamonga

Professional Record Retrieval

Looking for a reliable record retrieval service in Rancho Cucamonga, CA? Hasting LS can help you. Spend more time on the more pressing aspects of your case by having our team of professionals carry out document search and recovery tasks on your behalf.

We help lawyers in all kinds of legal proceedings. Some of our record retrieval services in Rancho Cucamonga, CA are:

Professional Staff

Our staff of professional records analysts can access state and federal documents that are only available in physical form. There may be requests for specific court documents, or documents to be searched and located that meet certain criteria. We know how to make the request of the right documents from the right people to minimize delays.

We carefully complete requests for medical records retrieval to ensure that all medical data is in compliance with HIPAA. We understand that the integrity of documents is a high priority for all our clients, therefore the safe and reliable transmission of all health records is assured.

Not all requests are met immediately, so proactive follow-up is sometimes required with the custodian before the documents are finally made available. This is another task that we undertake on your behalf, saving you time. You are then notified as soon as the materials are made available.

In addition, our document copying services can save even more time on duplication and distribution. Our legal services also include process services.

Speed – Accuracy – Quality

  • Scan any type of hardcopy documentation into digital form
  • Any size, any format, any quantity
  • Black and white or color
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) produces searchable PDFs
  • Blueprints, X-rays
  • Sorting, labelling and numbering; putting documents in specific order numbered for easy browsing
  • Bronze document production: stapling and high-quality copies
  • Silver document preparation: stapling, copying, tabs and filed in folders
  • Gold document preparation: Mixed sized document copying, spine removal and sorting.
  • Records delivery to opposing counsel or third parties

Locating the right document can be a time-consuming process, in particular medical record retrieval. For document retrieval in Rancho Cucamonga, CA save time and money, call Hastings LS today. 

We are ready to help with our experienced team.

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