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Professional Deposition Services

Hastings LS is ready with professional deposition officers in Temecula either for your self-prepared subpoena, or as part of our subpoena preparation services. Our deposition officers will request and copy records from any facility – providing copies to all parties, storing backups as required by law. Call us now to find out more.

Our deposition officers experienced and ready to assist in many practice areas:

  • Civil
  • Family
  • Bankruptcy
  • Class Action
  • Employment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Construction Defect

In the California code of Civil Procedure, specifically the section known as the California Discovery Act, three methods of discovery are allowed; oral testimony, written testimony secured by interrogatories and documentary evidence by production of records or documents.

During oral testimony, as the named deposition officer, we act as official recorders accurately capturing the statements made during the testimony. Translation services are provided where necessary and the option of real-time transcription is available. With a wide geographical coverage, our experienced staff are ready to travel to remote depositions at the location of your choice.

Alternatively, written questions may be submitted to the designated deposition officer in a sealed envelope. The officer will then ensure proper procedure is followed for the party under deposition to respond and the testimony to be admissible in court.

Experience Counts

Our officers are also experienced in dealing with evidence through the production of documents. Proper retrieval, duplication, storage and distribution of the documents, as required by California code, is imperative. When handling records it is important to be aware of and follow all of the statutes and regulations. Bank, employment and medical records, as well as business records, are all subject to various government regulations and violation of any can result in significant fines. 

In addition, California law states that the deposition officer “shall not be financially interested in the action or a relative or employee of any attorney of the parties”. Hastings LS provides the independence and professionalism that could make or break a case if it becomes necessary to testify as to the legal authenticity of the records. 

Trust the professionals at Hastings LS to be your choice for deposition officer services in Temecula.

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